Which type of hyperbaric chamber is right for you?

Everyone wants to get the best thing, but one can get it only, if he knows about it. Before deciding what to buy you should know all the pros and cons of different types of hyperbaric chambers. If you want to know about it, stick with us and at the end you will get your answer.

Types of Hbot chambers

Hbot chambers are mainly of two types:

1.   Soft hyperbaric chamber:

Soft hyperbaric oxygen chambers are also called mild  or portable Hbot chambers. They are like a bag which fills the mixture of oxygen and nitrogen (21% oxygen and rest is nitrogen)  at a lower pressure of 1.3 atm. They are not sealed and users can breathe in contaminated air.

There is also not any scientific research to show any health benefits at such lower pressure.. According to research, to get benefits from the hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the pressure should be more than 1.5 atm. Because at lower pressure the hemoglobin do not uptake more oxygen thus the goal is not achieved. It is designed in the form of a bag so rapid deflation can cause trauma to the user. They are usually designed for the swimmers and divers.

2.   Hard hyperbaric chamber:

They are pressure sealed chambers made up of aluminum. They provide 95% oxygen at 2 to 3 atm pressure, which is clinically proven to  help in rejuvenation, healing and improve performance.

They are designed to prevent any bacterial growth and provide a comfortable and clean environment to the user. The electricity loss and power loss do not affect the oxygen concentration and pressure. The sealed doors prevent the entry of any contaminated air thus providing a fresh , clean and oxygen rich environment.

They are of two types.

·        Monoplace hbot chamber:

It is a small chamber which can accommodate only one person. In this  chamber, the pressure is raised slowly to reach an optimal pressure. They are mostly used in homes.

·        Multiplace hbot chamber:

It is equal to the size of a room which can accommodate more than one person at a time. In this type of chamber, the oxygen rich air is inhaled through a mask. It is mostly suitable in clinics and spas.

Why should I buy my own chamber if Hbot is available in spa?

This might be the next question raised, the answer to this question is very simple. Single session of Hbot is not enough for the long lasting results. You need to get the session on a daily basis or minimum 2 to 3 times a week. The single session is obviously cheaper than buying the whole chamber. But the collective money of progressive sessions will be way more than buying a chamber. In such a case, buying a chamber will be more economical.

Moreover, you have to book your appointment for the session. The daily life activities need to be rescheduled according to the timing of the appointment. In this busy world, some people are pretty much occupied in their activities so they can’t even find the time for their session. Owning a chamber will resolve such problems. You can have your session any time of the day without any booking or appointment.

Why oxyhelp chambers:

The oxyhelp company manufactures world class hbot chambers. Their products are the most premium products but are cost effective at the same time. The guarantee and services provided by them is like cherry on the cake. They deliver products world wide so you do not need to worry, your chamber is  only one call away.


The hard hyperbaric chambers are the best choice, because they meet all the requirements and are safer than soft chambers.

If you want a hyperbaric chamber for home use, then the monoplace Hbot chamber of oxyhelp is the best choice for you. If you want it for your spa and clinic, then multi place Hbot chamber of oxyhelp in the best for you.

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