SSyoutube 2023 Review : the best Youtube video downloader

YouTube downloaders give users the ability to save videos on their devices in formats like MP3 and MP4. There is a range of free open source and paid downloader apps available, supporting both high and low quality resolution options. In this article, we explore some of the top YouTube video downloader tools, looking at their key features and capabilities. The downloaders highlighted offer straightforward ways for users to go beyond just streaming on YouTube and retain access to videos offline by saving them locally.

What happened to was a popular free online YouTube video downloader tool that allowed users to download videos in MP4 format easily. However, in 2022 access to was blocked in several countries and the site went offline. is no longer functioning as of 2023.

Is SSyoutube Safe?

When functional, SSyoutube was considered safe to use. Downloading YouTube videos for personal offline use does not violate YouTube’s terms of service. However, downloading copyrighted content and re-uploading could result in legal issues. Overall, SSyoutube acted as a tool, with the responsibility falling on users.

Is it safe to use SSyoutube to download Youtube Videos?

Since is no longer functioning, it cannot be used currently. When the site was operational, using SSyoutube to download YouTube videos solely for personal offline viewing was generally safe and did not violate YouTube’s ToS. However, users should always be thoughtful about copyright and fair use when downloading any copyrighted content from YouTube.

Top 12 Alternatives to SSyoutube

With SSyoutube no longer working, what are the best alternative online YouTube video downloaders in 2023? Here are 12 top options:

1. Y2Mate

Y2Mate is one of the most popular and functional YouTube downloaders available. The site has a straightforward interface that allows users to simply paste a YouTube link and quickly download MP3 or MP4 files.

One of the best features of Y2Mate is the ability to download videos in multiple resolutions up to 4K. Users can choose the resolution quality needed for different devices. Y2Mate also enables downloading complete YouTube playlists or channels with one click.


  1. Supports downloads in resolutions up to 4K.
  2. Downloads entire playlists or channels easily.
  3. Straightforward and easy to use interface.


  1. Contains ads due to being a free service.
  2. Requires Flash to be installed for downloading.
  3. Some download speed limits.


2. SaveFrom

SaveFrom  is a versatile downloader that allows saving videos not just from YouTube but also Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other major sites. The tool is completely free and easy to use.

A key advantage of is its support for downloading videos in multiple file formats. Users can download videos in MP4, MKV, MP3, and other formats depending on preference and device compatibility.


  1. Downloads from many major video sites beyond just YouTube.
  2. Offers choices of video format downloads.
  3. Free and simple to use.


  1. Requires a browser extension/add-on to download.
  2. Contains some download speed restrictions.
  3. Limited ability to download full playlists.



Ripyoutube is one of the longest running and most robust download managers available. It provides advanced functionality for finding, downloading, and converting YouTube videos.

One of the best features of aTubeCatcher is the ability to download entire YouTube playlists. Users can save full playlists with all their videos using the tool.


  1. Can download complete YouTube playlists.
  2. Advanced search and download management functionality.
  3. Includes video conversion capabilities.


  1. The interface is more complex than simpler tools.
  2. Requires downloading and installing desktop software.
  3. Contains ads in the free version.


4. is a straightforward online tool that allows downloading YouTube videos in MP4 format. It has a clean interface where users just enter the YouTube URL to download.

A key advantage of GenYoutube is its support for downloading videos in resolutions up to 8K. This makes it great for saving high definition YouTube content.


1.Downloads up to 8K resolutions. 2.Clean and simple interface. 3.No need to install software.


1.Limited to only MP4 format downloads. 2.Doesn’t download playlists. 3.Contains ads.


5. VideoProc

VideoProc is a versatile downloader that supports over 1000 sites beyond just YouTube. It also integrates video editing, conversion, compression and other tools.

A useful feature is VideoProc’s library of optimized conversion profiles for different devices like iPhone, Android, gaming consoles, and more. This simplifies post-download conversion.


1.Downloads from many major video platforms. 2.Optimization profiles for easy device conversion. 3.Robust editing and compression tools.


1.The free version has limited functionality. 2.Requires downloading desktop software. 3.Steeper learning curve than web-only tools.


Youtube2MP3 offers premium and free youtube to MP3 converter for Mac and Windows computers. The tools enable downloading from YouTube and extracting MP3 audio files.

One of the best features is the ability to download entire YouTube playlists and channels for offline viewing. This is included even in the free software options.


1.Can download full YouTube playlists/channels.
2.Extracts MP3 audio files from videos. 3.Works fully offline after installing the app.


1.Requires downloading and installing software. 2.Premium paid versions upgrade some features. 3.Limited to desktop, no mobile or web interface.



TubeNinja integrates YouTube downloading capabilities with video conversion, resizing and editing features. This makes it more of an “all-in-one” solution.

A useful TubeNinja feature is its advanced search tool. Users can search by keyword and filter by video resolution, licenses, upload dates, and more.


1.Powerful search tool for finding videos. 2.Downloads integrated with conversion/editing workflows.
3.Web-based so no software required.


1.Contains some download limits without premium account.
2.Advanced features have a learning curve. 3.Limited ability to download full playlists.

8. Download YouTube Videos as MP4

This is a browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox that enables quick downloading of YouTube videos as MP4 files.

A useful feature is the ability to set the download video quality right within the browser while watching the video. No need to go to another site.


  1. Download from YouTube directly within the browser.
  2. Set quality resolution without leaving the page.
  3. Simple and easy to use.


  1. Limited to MP4 format downloads.
  2. No ability to download full playlists.
  3. Requires installing extension in browser.

9. FastestTube

FastestTube is a user friendly Chrome extension for downloading YouTube videos. It has over 2 million users.

A handy feature is the option to download videos in all available resolutions from 144p up to 4K. Great for multi-device compatibility.


  1. Very simple and easy YouTube downloading.
  2. Downloads in every resolution option.
  3. Seamless browser integration as an extension.


  1. Chrome extension so limited browser support.
  2. No playlist or bulk downloading capability.
  3. Limited beyond YouTube.


YTBusion is another solid web-based tool for downloading YouTube videos. It supports MP3, MP4, and other formats.

One advantage is the ability to select video quality from a range of options up to 4K resolution. Useful for higher quality offline viewing.


  1. Multiple format and resolution options.
  2. Simple web-based downloading tool.
  3. Supports 4K resolution downloads.


  1. Contains advertising links due to being free.
  2. No capability for full playlist downloads.
  3. Limited beyond YouTube downloading.

11. ClipGrab

ClipGrab is free software available for Windows and Mac computers. It allows searching and downloading videos from YouTube and other major platforms.

A handy feature is ClipGrab’s ability to convert downloaded videos into formats compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android phones, gaming consoles, and more devices.


  1. Search and download from major video platforms.
  2. Video format conversion for device optimization.
  3. Free software works offline after install.


  1. Requires software install rather than web/browser use.
  2. Contains some ads in the interface.
  3. Less frequent software updates.

12. VideoHunter

VideoHunter provides a Mac desktop app focused specifically on capturing, downloading, and converting YouTube videos.

An advantage is VideoHunter’s deep integration with YouTube’s website. It can boost YouTube’s built-in capabilities.


  1. Deep integration with YouTube website.
  2. Downloading and format conversion combined.
  3. Made specifically for Mac users.


  1. Mac-only app, no Windows support.
  2. Limited beyond YouTube website utility.
  3. Requires software download and install.

Why is the best youtube video downloader?

Despite the original SSyoutube site no longer functioning, aims to take its place as the premier YouTube video downloader. Some key benefits of using include fast single-click downloads, the ability to download whole YouTube playlists and channels, and a user friendly interface. Ultimately, provides an easy way to download videos from YouTube when needed.

Wrapping Up

SSyoutube was a useful online tool for downloading videos from YouTube, but the site is no longer operational as of 2023. Thankfully, there are a number of great alternative YouTube video downloaders available including, Y2Mate, and others. These tools allow downloading videos for personal offline viewing in a straightforward manner. Just remember to be mindful of copyright and fair use when saving any copyrighted content from YouTube or other video sites.

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