How To Write A Rehabilitation Psychology Dissertation That Shines – Expert Tips?

Most of us have gone through some harsh phases of life. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, having an incident that was beyound the feel, regret of making wrong decisions, or however you define it.

It is said that time will heal all sorrows. With time, we learn to live while enduring all those harsh realities. But not everyone is capable of acting in the same way.

Some of us are just living in our past moments that were meant to harm us in any possible way. It causes the victim’s behavioural change, causing mental health issues.

A report, “PTSD – All About Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”, was published in The Hippocratic Post on 8 November 2023. It says that in the UK, around 1 in 10 people go through PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) in their lives. At 16-25, women were likely to fall into it. However, it was more common in men aged 55-64.

It’s not easy for a sufferer with personality disorders to live with it. It affects our mental capabilities, and if not treated timely, patients may be unable to carry out daily activities normally. In this regard, public awareness is the top tire. Unless we don’t consider it a disease, its cure is not possible.

Due to the lack of knowledge, a depressed patient is mostly subjected to phrases like “try to remain busy, strengthen your spiritual connection with god, etc.” It’s useless for the patient whose brain size has shrunk and there are countless grey matter abnormalities.

We must increase our research activities to promote awareness and advancements in this department. This may include writing a rehabilitation psychology dissertation to inform new findings. Writing a piece of paper presenting your insights can be done easily by the researcher. But if perfection is needed, it is advisable to get help from best dissertation writing services.

What Is Rehabilitation Psychology?

Rehabilitation psychology is concerned with addressing the behavioural change of a depressive order patient. It may include mental health issues a person faced during his life. A patient affected by injury or chronic pain may even become disabled. And consequently, it tamed him the way he is.

According to Wikipedia,

“Rehabilitation psychology is a speciality area aimed at maximising the independence, functional status, health, and social participation of individuals with disabilities and chronic health conditions. Assessment and treatment may include the following areas: psychological effects, cognitive, behavioural, and functional status, self-esteem, coping skills, and quality of life.”

Data provided by Statista shows that in 2021, around 41.7 million adults in the United States received treatment or counselling for their mental health. It includes inpatient or outpatient treatment counselling or prescription medication use by rehabilitation psychologists.

Researchers Secure Funds for Brain Health Study On Military Veterans

A report published by Northumbria University NEWCASTLE on 8 November 2023 highlights the importance of long-term rehabilitation psychology practices. Due to the matter’s intensity and increasing cases, several assistant professors in the university were awarded funding from the Office for Veterans Affairs (OVA) Health Innovation Fund.

The increase in exploring rehabilitation psychology dissertation topics will help healthcare professionals to provide effective treatments for women adversely affected by military life.

How To Write a Rehabilitation Psychology Dissertation?

Rehabilitation psychology dissertations are lengthy pieces of paper describing your findings. How well you will be performing here highlights the excellence of the degree you will be given afterwards. The most important part of your degree requires extra focus, strength, and continuity. Most importantly, it is a test of your critical skills. 

According to Writing Dissertations, Written by Dr Gordon Millar, your dissertation on rehabilitation psychology should typically consist of,

  • A cover page
  • A title page
  • An Abstract/ Summary
  • Table of contents
  • A preface
  • An introduction
  • The literature review
  • Research Methodology
  • Results
  • Conclusion and discussion
  • Recommendations
  • References
  • Appendix
  • Declaration of honour

Following is the comprehensive guide for your rehabilitation psychology dissertation writing.

Correct Use of Words

  • Rehabilitation psychology dissertation writers should use text perfectly aligned with the continued thought units.
  • It should be easy to read, avoiding any ambiguity in it. The abrupt change in the context will break the ideas.
  • Make sure the words used have the meaning of what they mean. For example, “to think “and “to believe” can be subtle, but their meanings differ.
  • The language should be free from gender bias. The reader can be any gender, so when you are biased, it will restrict them from reading.

Use Of Tables and Graphs

It is the most important part of the dissertation for rehabilitation psychology students. In this way, you can present your quantitative data. For example,

  • If there are 3 or a few numbers to present, it’s better to write it in a sentence.
  • Data consisting of 4 or 20 numbers can better be presented in a table.
  • If the numbers are even more than 20, it is advisable to use a graph to present it.

You can easily do the task now. But if it’s still confusing, searching for the best website for a rehabilitation psychology dissertation is better.

Proper Use of Footnotes and Appendixes

There are two types of footnotes. One is content footnotes, and the other is copyright footnotes.

●     Content Footnotes: It describes some difficult terms in the context. As a result, it will amplify the information. It should only be used if necessary or else avoided.

●     Copyright Footnotes: It is only used when you have written permission from the author to use his information. In dissertations, you will see them when a paper has to be considered for later publication.

Remember not to disturb the rehabilitation psychology dissertation structure white; adjust your footnotes in it.

In-Text Referencing

The in-text citation is also very important. It should be according to the APA citation system. Those readers who wish to read information about the source can check the details in the bibliography.


Depressive disorder is the rising cause of countless loss of lives around the globe. The severity of the matter becomes more intense when people are not even ready to consider it a disease. Rehabilitation psychology is serving those patients who have been suffering from physical disability or mental illness due to their traumatic life events.

There is a need to raise public awareness regarding this. However, the evolving disorder demands innovative treatments to deal with it. This is why writing a rehabilitation psychology dissertation can be helpful. The researchers in this field will conduct case studies or test analyses to develop fine treatments.

Writing a dissertation is an easy task to do, especially after the above-mentioned comprehensive guide. But if you want your writing to be error-free and have peace of mind, it’s better to get help from dissertation writing services UK. Various writing services, such as The Academic Papers UK, can better assist you. You only need to describe your thought process, and they can better format it on paper.

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