How to Use CBD Oil for Cats?

Most cat parents love their pet cats for their unique personalities. Some cats are shy and sweet, and others are quite mischievous and lovable. Regardless of their disposition, it has been seen that all cats share a common trait of excelling at concealing their chronic pain and illness as a survival instinct dating back to the day when they used to be top-tier predators. By the time you notice your cat is in discomfort, it might be going through the issue for quite some time.

Over the past few years, CBD has emerged as a natural solution to treat your cat’s chronic pain, along with reaping many other health benefits. You can find many CBD products like CBD pet drops, pet treats, and oil, to help your cat through their health concerns.

Here, you will learn how CBD can help and how you can use CBD for your cat.

Benefits of CBD for Cats

CBD has gained popularity among pet owners because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The compound can support many common health issues, thanks to the way it interacts with your cat’s endocannabinoid system that regulates multiple bodily functions.

The following points highlight how CBD can support your cat’s well-being:

Anxiety and stress

Your cat can experience stress and anxiety because of multiple factors, like changes in the environment, loud noises, separation from any family member, etc. Products like CBD pet drops, oils, and pet treats can help alleviate your furry friend’s anxiety. The reason for this is CBD has calming properties that promote a sense of relaxation and comfort in your feline companion.

Sleep and relaxation

Like human beings, your cat can also experience sleep disturbances. CBD’s relaxing effects can help your cat sleep better and ensure it gets enough rest for optimal health.

Overall wellness

CBD is researched to support a cat’s endocannabinoid system, which in turn regulates various bodily functions. Furthermore, CBD regulating ECS helps your cat maintain homeostasis (balance) across several bodily systems, promoting overall wellness.

Pain and inflammation

As your cat ages, it can experience many age-related issues like arthritis, chronic pain, injuries, and more due to inflammation. Now that it’s been researched that CBD relief rub has anti-inflammatory properties, the compound can assist in managing pain, improving mobility, and enhancing your furry friend’s quality of life.

Should You Give Your Cat Feline-Specific CBD?

It’s not necessary for you to exclusively invest in cat-specific CBD products for your cat, as the CBD molecule is the same regardless of where it appears. However, it’s believed that cat-specific CBD product offer distinct advantages. It is because these products are specifically formulated to align with your feline companion’s taste and health preferences.

Moreover, the dosage of feline-specific CBD products is determined on the understanding that cats require relatively smaller amounts of CBD than humans or dogs, ensuring safe dosing for your beloved pet.

Selecting the Right CBD Product for Your Cat

There is more to consider than whether or not to choose feline-specific CBD products when picking the right CBD product for your cat. Some of the essential aspects of making an informed purchase decision are as follows:

Dosage matters

Determining the correct CBD dosage plays a crucial role in maintaining your cat’s health and also makes it easier to serve CBD.

CBD products are available in an array of strengths, but the pain in the tail is to portion out the product made for 80lb dogs for your 7lb cat. The first step is to know how much CBD your cat needs and then choose the CBD product containing the right amount of CBD doses.

Taste preferences

Cats are popular for their discerning palates, so considering your furry friend’s taste preference is especially vital when picking a CBD product for it. Always remember that some cats are more receptive to specific flavors and delivery methods. For instance, some cats prefer having CBD in the form of oil, and do not like oral ingestion. If your cat does not like taking CBD orally, you can use CBD relief rub.

In addition, many cats are not fine with sudden changes to their diets. If your cat is a picky eater, you should gradually introduce a small amount of CBD oil to their foods.

Brand Credibility

When buying CBD products for your cat, don’t forget to vet the brand thoroughly. You should always look for companies that prioritize transparency and quality. Consider the following listed factors:

  • Ingredient transparency: Always check the ingredient list and avoid CBD products containing unnecessary additives, artificial flavorings, or fillers. In addition, look for third-party lab test reports mentioning CBD purity and potency.
  • Pet-first mindset: Consider looking for brands that have a pet-first mindset when buying CBD products for your cat. Such brands formulate CBD products according to the needs and preferences of four-legged companions.
  • Customer reviews: It’s best to seek recommendations from neighbors or friends who have experience with CBD for their pets. In addition, you should read customer reviews and testimonials to gain valuable insights into a specific CBD product’s effectiveness and quality.

How Often Should You Give CBD to Your Cat?

CBD is a non-habit-forming compound, but you should avoid giving more than the recommended dosage to your cat. You can administer CBD once or twice a day, depending on your cat’s body weight, health condition, and metabolism.

For some cats, administering CBD daily can provide consistent support for their well-being. In contrast, others might benefit from having CBD on an as-needed basis, mainly when a specific health concern arises.

You should bear in mind that your feline companion’s needs might evolve over time. The CBD dosage that works well today might require some adjustment in the future as your cat’s health condition and circumstances change.

Key Takeaway!

CBD has come across as an excellent active compound that can help treat various health conditions not only in humans but also in pets, like cats and dogs. Pet owners have started to shift to CBD products to promote their cat’s well-being, but not many know how to give CBD to their furry friends to avail of maximum benefits. The first step is to buy the right CBD product from the best CBD store. Furthermore, you should know that every pet is different, and thus, you should determine your cat’s needs to figure out the correct dosage.

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