Dont Pick Up the Trash Once Thrown Away: A Novel Review

Don't Pick Up the Trash Once Thrown Away


Dont Pick Up the Trash Once Thrown Away is a Korean novel written via (Hungry Night) and posted by way of Kkp and Ridi in 2019. It is a completed novel with 248 chapters epilogue and 18 side tales.

The novel tells the tale of Leila, a young female who becomes betrayed by her fiancé, Philen. Philen broke his engagement with Leila to marry another lady, and Leila became heartbroken. However, Leila is determined to transport on together with her life. She cuts off all ties with Philen and begins a new existence as an aide to the emperor.

As Leila begins her new career, she reveals herself attracted to Callian, a handsome and wise knight. Callian is likewise interested in Leila, and the 2 of them slowly broaden a court. However, their dating is threatened with the aid of Philen, who is determined to win Leila back.

Leila also has to deal with the political intrigues of the imperial court. She must navigate the complicated relationships among the emperor, the nobles, and the overseas powers. Leila’s intelligence and backbone help her to overcome all of the demanding situations that she faces, and she ultimately reveals happiness with Callian.

Escalation of Sarah’s Obsession

Genre: Psychological Mystery

Logline: Sarah, a young girl with a growing obsession with trash, unearths herself drawn right into a risky recreation of cat and mouse with a mysterious stranger who appears to know her every secret.


Sarah has usually had an abnormal fascination with trash. She loves the way it seems, smells, and feels. She loves the manner it tells a tale approximately the humans who have discarded it. But these days, her obsession has been developing. She cannot forestall considering trash. She cannot stop dreaming about it. She can’t stop accumulating it.

One day, Sarah is taking a walk through the park whilst she sees a mysterious stranger. He’s sitting on a bench, surrounded by bags of trash. Sarah is drawn to him like a moth to a flame. She methods him and they begin speaking.

The stranger tells Sarah that he is aware of her secret. He knows that she’s passionate about trash. He tells her that he can assist her. He can display her the proper electricity of trash.

Connection with Neighbor 1

The novel Dont Pick Up the Trash Once Thrown Away via Honobonoru500 is a mild novel series approximately a younger girl named Ivy who comes to a decision to set off on an adventure to select up trash. She is inspired to do this after she sees how a good deal of rubbish is polluting the arena and the way little people seem to care approximately it.

Ivy’s journey takes her to many exceptional places, and she meets many special human beings along the way. She also encounters many challenges, inclusive of having to cope with monsters and bandits. But via all of it, Ivy has decided to finish her challenge of cleansing up the world.

The novel explores the subject matters of environmentalism, obligation, and perseverance. It also suggests how even one individual could make a distinction within the globe.

Conflict and Consequences

Conflict and Consequences: Dont Pick Up the Trash Once Thrown Away is a singular about the effects of one’s moves, and the importance of 2nd possibilities. The tale follows the protagonist, a young female named Anya, who makes a sequence of harmful alternatives that lead to her being thrown away by the people she loves most.

Anya is a lovely and privileged young girl, however, she is also spoiled and selfish. She takes her circle of relatives and pals with no consideration, and she is always seeking out the following thrill. One day, she makes a choice that adjustments her life forever. She betrays her fine pal, and her own family disowns her.


The important struggle of the unconventional is Anya’s war to triumph over the effects of her past movements. She is constantly haunted with the aid of her mistakes, and she feels like she is unworthy of love or happiness. But Anya is also determined to exchange, and she is willing to do something it takes to earn back the agreement with the people she has hurt.


Anya’s movements have a long way-accomplishing outcome. She loses her circle of relatives, her pals, and her process. She is forced to stay on the streets, and he or she is continuously suffering to continue to exist. But Anya also learns a valuable lesson about the significance of responsibility and second possibilities.


The novel explores several critical themes, including:

The results of one’s movements

The significance of forgiveness

The electricity of redemption

The significance of 2d chances

Discovery of Neighbor 2

Chapter 1

It was a quiet day in the neighborhood. The birds were making a song, the sun was shining, and the humans were doing approximately their business. But little did they recognize that a darkish mystery became lurking below the surface.

In the residence round the corner, a person named Mr. Peterson was throwing away a bag of trash. But in place of placing it in the trash can, he tossed it into the bushes.

A younger boy named Billy changed into watching Mr. Peterson from his bedroom window. Billy had always been curious about his mysterious neighbor, and now he was intrigued.

After Mr. Peterson went again interior, Billy snuck out of his residence and went over to the timber. He carefully opened the bag of trash and peered inner.

To Billy’s surprise, the bag becomes packed with atypical and unusual objects. There were vintage books, broken toys, and even a few pieces of jewelry.

Journey of Self-Discovery

The novel Dont Pick Up the Trash Once Thrown Away is a Korean romance novel written via (Hungry Night). It was first published in 2019 and has been completed with 248 chapters. The book tells the story of a young lady named Leila who is going on an adventure of self-discovery after being betrayed by her fiancé, Philen.

Leila has continually been a kind and forgiving character, however, Philen’s betrayal shatters her coronary heart. She realizes that she has been setting an excessive amount of her worth in her relationship with him and that she needs to learn to love and recognize herself first.

Leila comes to a decision to leave her antique existence behind and start clean. She moves to a brand new city and gets a new task. She additionally starts to explore her hobbies and pastimes. In this manner, she meets new human beings and makes new pals.

Redemption and Reconciliation

The novel Dont Pick Up the Trash Once Thrown Away with the aid of Bae Go Hun is a tale about redemption and reconciliation. It follows the protagonist, Leila, as she tries to rebuild her existence after being betrayed by her ex-fiancé, Philen.

Leila and Philen have been engaged for two years, but their courting was not without its issues. Philen turned regularly cold and distant, and he made it clear that he failed to love Leila as a whole lot as she cherished him. One day, Leila found that Philen changed into dishonest with her nice friend, Sisley.

Heartbroken and betrayed, Leila broke off the engagement and ended her friendship with Sisley. She felt lost and on her own, however, she became determined to move on with her life. She commenced a brand new task and made new friends, but she nonetheless could not shake the pain of Philen’s betrayal.


The novel Dont Pick Up the Trash Once Thrown Away, also referred to as, is a Korean manhwa written via Hungry Night. It was first posted in 2019 and has been finished, with 248 main story chapters and 18 aspect tale chapters.

The novel tells the story of Leila, a princess who’s engaged to Philen, the Duke of the Gautier family. Leila and Philen have been together because they were youngsters, and Leila has usually cherished him deeply. However, one day, Leila discovers that Philen has been cheating on her with another girl.

Leila is heartbroken, however, she refuses to permit Philen to deal with her like trash. She breaks off the engagement and pronounces that she will be able to in no way pick out the trash she has thrown away.


The end of the radical Dont Pick Up the Trash Once Thrown Away is that the protagonist, Leila, learns to allow the passing of the people and things that might be poisonous in her lifestyle and to place herself first. She realizes that she doesn’t need to pick up the trash that others have thrown away and that she deserves to be treated with admiration and kindness.

Leila’s journey is a hard one, however she in the long run comes out more potent and wiser. She learns to set obstacles, to mention no, and to arise for herself. She also learns to forgive herself and to transport on from the past.

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