All you should know about Grand Theft Auto


The first edition of GTA V was released on September 17, 2013, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Although the Xbox One, along with the PlayStation 4 “advanced” versions, was released on November 18, 2014, and was subsequently released on April 14, 2015, for PC.

Hence, a more “extended and advanced” version for the PS 5 along with the Xbox Series X|S will be delivered on 15th March, 2022. Alternatively, gamers are likewise able to buy admittance to GTA V as some extra for the independent versions of GTA On web.

Popularity of the game

As it is the most eagerly anticipated titles of the videogame to be delivered in 2013, although the gameplay was broadly expected before its delivery. GTA V was delivered to all-inclusive praise, holding count of about 96 or more on Metacritic and on Game Rankings, along with getting perfect scores from north of 30 commentators.

The gameplay sold about 11,210,000 duplicates and grossed about $800,000,000 in its first 24 hours of release, establishing numerous records. In the end, it made about $1,000,000,000 in around three days of the release of the game.


The gameplay happens in 2013 around the southern area of the San Andreas state, all the more clearly in Los Santos city and the country areas of Blaine Country, and recounts the stories of all the three protagonists: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. The three exceptionally various criminals commit trying and productive heists throughout the rambling city of Los Santos.

However, it happens five years after several occasions of Grand Theft Auto IV and eight years beyond the occasions of The Contract update of Grand Theft Auto On the web.


Well, 9 years later a bombed thievery into the imaginary area of Ludendorff and the North Yankton, previous bank known as Michael, along with his family have moved to the region of Los Santos with an updated personality. Although Michael is carrying on with an ordinary, however exhausting life, unless he experiences Franklin Clinton, he is criminal who looks to lift himself into the world of Los Santos secret, surprisingly experiences Trevor, the main other people who escaped of the bank burglary around Ludendorff.

However, all of them combine powers to complete thinking for even a second errand to loot the Union Depository and hold onto 10 Million dollars’ net worth of gold. Notwithstanding, the triplets discover that criminal Feds are taking the advantage of them, utilizing the trio to complete their agenda, along with several confrontations with opponent groups and different villians.

Modding community

Well, as the popularity of the game increased, the gameplay got a lot of fame. We really need to work hard on the upgraded features, and some users don’t want to do that. For every GTA account, mods are created for a better game experience and enhanced features, including luxury properties, vehicles, and weaponry. It is very important to purchase an account from a trustworthy source, and you must buy the account that depends on your budget.

GTA modded accounts are purchased by users, and then they play the game from a higher level without hard work. But these mods come along with some threats; if the producers catch a gamer using the GTA 5 modded account, they ban that account rapidly, and it is now permanently prohibited and cannot be utilized again. So, mods provide benefits as well as threats. The game is on its own, without any mods, and is so amazing that the players can enjoy the game with moods or without the mods. 

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